Pictures of the Week (POTW) – July 30, 2010

I have decided to start posting some pics from daycare on a weekly basis…I have a huge collection of pictures and to date, have only been putting them up in our building but I know that people like to see what their dogs are up to and of course share photos with friends and family! so here we go…

Best play bow ever....


When it comes to off leash dog play, a play bow is probably the BEST thing you could ever see! A play bow means that a dog is relaxed, having fun and wants to play! In the photo above, Farrah is trying to entice Abby to play.

Pouncing Blue

 Above we have Blue, on his first day, having a grand old time trying to pounce on Nippy who is just out of the photo. Note Blue’s brother Bowser in the background making sure that Blue doesn’t have too much fun.

Below we have Bear and Sassy. It was Sassy’s first day and Bear thought that rolling on his back would convince her he’s a fun guy. Sassy wasn’t sure what to make of him.
Sassy & Bear

Sassy & Bear

Last but not least is a photo from last week but I figured we could all use a puppy fix. Below is a photo of Astrid , the day after she came home to live with her mom and big sister Quest. What a cutie!

Sweet enough to give you cavities...


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