Dog Food Coupons

Chances are, if you have set foot in our building for classes, daycare,  or to check the place out, either Renee or I have talked to you about dog food. Besides being necessary for survival, dog food can affect health and behaviour. I’ll be posting my Brandon Dog Food Review soon enough but I can tell you that Natura Pet Products have always been high on my list of favourites.

If you have been considering a change in dog food to something better, Natura Pet Products just made that decision a little easier.

I was just visiting the Natura Pet food website and noticed that they have an offer on where you give them some info and they e-mail you a 7$ coupon. I’m feeding the Kitties EVO Herring and Salmon and Bear gets Healthwise Chicken Meal & Oatmeal Active Adult and EVO Turkey & Chicken Formula Small Bites when I can afford it!

With the price of good dog food these days, every dollar helps.

You can sign up for your coupon at the following link:


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