Pictures of the Week (POTW) – August 6, 2010

Boy was it hot this week, even with our A/C working as hard as it could it showed with the big dogs…Quest, Bear and Bella were done at about 11:00 am and they congregated in a sunbeam to relax.

Is it nap time soon?

On Wednesday, our little dog crew had a blast as usual. You can see Hank below with all of his girlfriends…how many ladies can you see? If you look closely there are 3 of them – Abby, Farrah, and Sassy!

Hank and the girls

Thursday Lefty and Jr. both got to play with our newest toy…a big giant BALL! This is a real hit with some of the big dogs (including my own) so I bought two because they were on sale. Now when this one goes to toy heaven there’ll be a fresh one waiting in the wings.

Jr. and Lefty sharing

Now for your weekly does of Puppies! We started a new session of Puppy Camp and had a lot of fun today!  Below is Birk, being VERY brave in a tunnel (with Rascal on his Tail) Tunnels are very strange to new puppies and letting them discover new things helps build confidence!

What a brave puppy!

Below, you can see Rascal riding like a prince in the truck. Most dogs these days spend a significant amount of time in cars going to daycare, the vet, the groomer or the dog park. Learning to settle nicely either in a crate or in a dog seat belt is a great life skill to teach a puppy from the day you get him.

Smiley, happy puppy

Finally we have Astrid and Birk getting cookies from one of the lovely ladies at Brandon Animal Clinic. At Puppy Adventure Camp we take puppies on field trips to teach them that strange people, strange dogs and strange places can be FUN!

Learning to love strangers


2 thoughts on “Pictures of the Week (POTW) – August 6, 2010

  1. Thanks for the great pictures.

    Want you to know that we really appreciate all that you do for the dogs.

    You really do go above and beyond for these dogs.

    Looking forward to yur first anniversary.

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