PDD & TBD CARO Rally Trial – October 2010

We hosted a CARO Rally Trial the weekend before we headed out to Atlanta for the APDT Conference. It was wonderful to have my first judging experience at home.

By the end of the day, Renee and I judged 20 qualifying runs and I was thrilled to be able to award the following teams their titles.

  • Renee & Dawn – Rally Novice
  • Shari & Beko – Rally Novice
  • Sarah & Flynn – Rally Novice
  • Beverley & Skye – Rally Novice
  • Joyce & Majic – Rally Novice

The best part of the day was watching handlers maintain a positive attitude, no matter how their dogs performed (or did not perform)! I have to agree with Kiersten Lloyd who once reminded us at an agility seminar that that dogs do a lot of work for a cookie or a chance to play tug – She’s right and I think we get one heck of a bargain!

For those that did not do as well as they would have liked, I’d encourage you to have a closer look at the CARO rulebook (new version as of October 2010) but I would also encourage you to come out to Rally classes at Two Brown Dogs. This sport is becoming very competitive and it may be helpful to get some feedback/info from instructors who are active judging and competing in the sport.

We are currently collecting feedback from trial participants and, if the majority of it is positive, we’ll plan another trial for the winter.


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