Doggy wake-up calls…

I saw this video this week and it cracked me up. In our home no one wakes us up with symbols or soothing piano music barking or meowing.

We have a morning routine but not a strict schedule for breakfast here. This means that the critters eat when we get up – WHENEVER that is. Sometimes it’s 6am and sometimes it’s 10am. Every morning, the critters converge on the bed, waiting for us to get up – quietly and considerately. I think they are so quiet because meowing, pawing our faces or dancing around the bed has never gotten anyone an earlier breakfast and from the beginning, I have always waited until everyone is quiet and settled before getting up. If I got up every time someone indicated they might be hungry, I would likely NEVER get a wink of sleep.

Typically Bear goes out for his “last chance” pee whenever the last person in our household goes to bed and he goes out in the morning when the first person gets up. This way sleeping in doesn’t mean he has to ‘hold it’ any longer as a late morning usually follows a late night. When he gets older or whenever we add a puppy to our household, I could see myself getting up on more of a schedule to accommodate and ageing bladder or very young one but until then, I’m going to enjoy the few times a week I get to sleep in (If getting out of bed at 9:30 can be called sleeping in) with a crowd of critters on the bed keeping me warm – quietly!


One thought on “Doggy wake-up calls…

  1. I agree!!!! We follow the same rules in my home. My 2 dogs and 4 cats realize that our routine starts when I get up, whether that be at 6 am or 9 am!

    Sandy Barclay DVM

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