My, what gross teeth you have!


Bear went in for his annual exam a couple of weeks ago and the vet mentioned that his teeth are a little stained. His gums look healthy and there’s not a huge amount of tartar built up but I think I have been thinking I want to do something about it. Our dental routine is nonexistent. I don’t brush his teeth but Bear gets Nyla Bones to chew all the time and the occasional raw bone but we don’t have a regular supply.

My resolve was further strengthened to do something about Bear’s teeth when, at last week’s grooming seminar, Deneen brought in quotes from a local vet who stated a tooth cleaning for a large dog with no complications costs about $200. Aside from the ridiculous cost, there’s the anaesthetic to worry about – older animals do not tolerate it as well – especially for something that is preventable. Bear isn’t that old and he’s healthy but I could see how things might deteriorate to a point that 8 or 9 year old Bear might have some dental issues.

I have been looking round at dental products and one in particular caught my eye. It’s called Petzlife Oral Care Gel and was donated by George from Pet Food Source for a grooming seminar door prize. There are a couple of things that appeal to me about this product:

  • No brushing: Let’s face it – if I haven’t been brushing up until now, it’s not likely gonna happen – ever! I barely fit in a bath every month and toenails every week.
  • Natural & safe ingredients: The product contains a blend of natural herbs and extracts including: grapefruit seed extract, grape seed extract, rosemary oil, thyme oil, neem oil and peppermint oil. Other ingredients include water and grain alcohol…wondering how much alcohol was in it, I tasted a dab of the gel and it tastes faintly of peppermint but not remotely as strong as toothpaste and not even a bit of alcohol.

The bottle recommends 1-2 doses a day and a large dog should get 1tsp. Bear’s teeth aren’t hideous so I’ll plan to give him one dose a day. For comparison’s sake I have taken ‘before’ pictures of Bear’s teeth (below) and I will post pictures again in 30 days so we can see if there is a noticeable difference.


Right Side - March 17, 2011

Left Side - March 17, 2011


3 thoughts on “My, what gross teeth you have!

    Never though about the dogs teeth, but I can tel you it cost $250 to have my cats teeth cleaned due to plaque build-up. I guess i thought if I ignored it, it would go away. What was I thinking??? I can tell you now, I wish I had done something because the $250 bill is still hurting 3 months later.
    Grandma misses her “baby” Bear. Nice to see his pictures, even if it is just his big teeth.

  2. Well it’s certainly not a bill I would like to pay if I can help it! If it works with Bear the kitties are next to get it! I thought I would try with him as it’s MUCH easier to dose a dog than a cat!

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