Something different…

When we opened the daycare in 2009, our main goal was to provide the folks of Brandon and Westman with something…different.

We run a different type of dog daycare from our competitors and Two Brown Dogs runs different classes from others in the area. We are so different that I had a friend and colleague from Winnipeg say she wished she lived in Brandon because it looked like we had so many fun things going on! We try to innovate, not imitate and so far – it’s working for us and it’s working for our clients!

I had a revelation a short time ago when – in the space of a week, I had one person mention they could not get a particular product on a regular basis for their dogs despite visiting several places and asking about for it. Another person that same week mentioned how picking up dog food meant a special trip to the other side of town.

So…I thought why not look into carrying dog food and other different dog related products at Prairie Dog Daycare! I have looked around and selected some really different products and brands which I hope to introduce over the next few months but for now, I have one really exciting brand to tell you about!

I am pleased to announce that Prairie Dog Daycare now carries a dehydrated raw dog food line called Smack Pet Foods made right here in Manitoba!

Smack formulas are made from real food (chicken, herbs, fruit & veggies) that is air-dried and ground to a consistency similar to oatmeal. You can feed it dry to your dog or add water, let it sit and then you have a wonderful, aromatic bowl of deliciousness for your dog. The one striking thing about this food is that when you open the package it smells GOOD and you can’t say that about most dog food out there!

So if you are looking for Smack Pet foods or wanting to start your dog on something different, this means no more shopping around and no more wasted time – let me know you want it, I’ll order it and call you when it’s in – that’s about as easy as it gets!

Stay tuned for more exciting and different products in the future!


6 thoughts on “Something different…

  1. Is this something I might be able to promote in NB?? i.e. are you willing to ship (custormer pays shipping, of course) to NB????

  2. Great Blog, Ayoka! Thanks so much for carrying our food – it looks like you will have some very happy customers!

    And of course, if anybody has any questions or comments, please let Ayoka know. We are just a quick email away from Ayoka, ready to help.

    The cat food recipe is almost ready. A lot of people waiting on it!

    Michael Giller
    Smack Pet Food

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