Emergency Preparedness for Pets

Well we’re into full-blown flooding, evacuation and upheaval here in Manitoba!

As we get ready to offer our facility as a temporary home to some of Brandon’s dogs I thought I would offer up some advice on preparing for evacuation…well it’s not MY advice but advice from the good folks with the Province of Manitoba’s Animal Care Line.

For those of you who cannot download the full PDF, the emergency packing list for animals is:

  • Identification: (collars, harnesses or halters with tags; microchips, tattoos, brands). Identification should include (or give contact number to find out) owner’s name, home address, emergency address and phone, special needs, medication, etc.
  • Water: Pack enough for at least one week.
  • Food: Pack enough food for at least one week (ex: dry kibble, canned food, hay grain, seed, can opener if packing canned food), toys and treats.
  • Food and water bowls: Spill-proof containers work best.
  • Blankets: Pack coverings to keep animals warm, coverings for cages, jackets, and animal bedding (ex: straw, shavings, towels).
  • Restraints: Leashes, collars, halters, ropes, crates, carriers.
  • Medications: Make sure you have a week’s supply of any medication your animals need, with clear instructions in case someone else is caring for your animals.
  • Clean-up: Have at least one week’s supplies to clean up after animals (ex: paper towels, scoops and disposal bags, disinfectant, cat litter, litter box).
  • Vet records: Keep a current copy with contact information for your veterinarian on hand
  • Photo: It’s also a good idea to include a current photo of you with your animals/pets

The full Looking After Your Pets handout is available for download.


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