Nail clipping…without the drama!

When I mention nail clipping to most dog owners no one smiles and says it’s the favourite activity to do with their dogs. In fact I think most people dread it and choose instead to take their dog to the groomers. While I am sure some dogs are perfectly fine at the groomers, others are no better than they are at home for nail clipping and some may be worse with the added stress of a different environment.

I know lots of people get involved in the nail clipping drama which involves pinning dogs (or worse) which almost always scares the dog causes behaviour to escalate…

To give you some food for thought when it comes to trimming nails without the drama I encourage you to watch the video below…it features a dog with a lot of “history” when it comes to nails and a trainer that uses only positive reinforcement to get him to relax while having his nails trimmed – no pinning biting or struggling – in fact, it looks kinda fun! Your dog will thank you and if you take your dog to a groomer, your groomer will thank you too!

If you are already familiar with clicker training, the steps outlined in the video are fairly straightforward. If your dog is already biting and if clicker training is a new concept to you, look for a trainer or behaviorist near you that uses positive reinforcement to help you get started. Locally (Brandon, Manitoba), you can contact Two Brown Dogs Canine Consultants.


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