Upcoming Seminar…A weekend with Sue Ailsby!


We finally have the details nailed down and we’re pleased to finally announce that we’ll be co-hosting (with Two Brown Dogs Canine Consultants) a series of seminars with Sue Ailsby on November 12th and 13th, 2011!

What’s going on?

We’re offering a menu-style series of five seminars meaning you can pick and choose the seminars that are of interest to you…so long as you attend the intro to clicker seminar on Saturday morning. You don’t need to ‘know’ anything to attend…but if you do know everything you probably should attend-I can guarantee you’ll learn a thing or two! You can attend with your dog or you can audit the
seminars without your dog – you decide!

Who is Sue?

Sue is one of my favourite trainers. A long time ago (when I first got Bear) , in a far away land (New Brunswick), I was completely new to the world of dog training (especially how much I didn’t know) so I gleaned whatever information I could from classes at Pawsative Rewards, from my flyball buddies, books and the internet. I revisited one site repeatedly and that site belonged to Sue. At the time, her site featured a free training guide called simply, “The Training Levels”, which takes people through a step by step training plan for real life and for competition venues. For someone new to training, this was perfect and I still find myself going back to it to revisit basics and to help clients in classes I teach at Two Brown Dogs.

According to her the Biography on her website, Sue has trained many breeds from Chihuahuas to Giant Schnauzers although her current dogs are Portuguese Water Dogs. Over the years she has trained dogs in many, many venues from service work to Schutzhund and everything in between. On top of this training experience, Sue is also a retired CKC Obedience and Conformation judge. What this means is Sue probably has probably forgotten more about training than I know and oh, did I mention Sue also trains and shows llamas?

If you are interested in dogs, and dog stuff, save the date, save your pennies and join us for this seminar – I am certain it’s going to be a blast!

Information & Links

For more information on the seminar please visit our seminar web page.

For more information on Sue, her dogs, her books and her llamas, please visit her website: www.sue-eh.ca


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