Book Review – Following Ghosts: Developing the Tracking Relationship


Suzanne Clothier & John W. Rice    

Publication Date



Flying Dog Press    

Why I chose this book

I picked this book for two reasons: First, because I really, really like Suzanne Clothier’s approach to dogs and dog training. Secondly, I’ve been struggling with how to address some of the challenges I have encountered with Bear while tracking and none of the books I have read to date, or websites I have browsed have helped me very much.

What’s it about?

This book outlines a framework for working with your dog in the tracking, search and rescue or scent work context.


  • At less than 60 pages, this book is easy to read in an hour or two.
  • Breaks tracking down to a few easily understood skills.
  • Provides a training framework that can be applied to a variety of tracking plans.
  • Many dog training books written in 1996 would be considered ‘dated’ today but the theories and methods in this book stand the test of time.


  • Not a book to buy if you are looking for a detailed tracking plan to get you from ‘Couch to Tracking Dog Title’.
  • Not a book that covers any scent theory or equipment selection for beginners.

I would recommend this book to:

  • Anyone interested in search and rescue (SAR), tracking, and scentwork.
  • Anyone with training challenges in these venues.

Overall Rating



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