Play Bytes #1

99% of my job at Prairie Dog Daycare is getting the know the dogs in my care and knowing when to interrupt play to prevent arguments, fights and bites. 50+ hours a week with dogs, training and the study required to become a Certified Professional Dog Trainer have all taught me a lot in the way of dog/dog behaviour and yet still, with every new dog I met, I learn something new.

When I look across the street at dogs playing in the dog park, more often than not, I often cringe. there are dogs clearly harassing other dogs, dogs trying to get away from rude dogs and in many cases the humans are in the gazebo chatting, not paying attention. Once, last winter, I even saw a man pull up, dump his dog over the fence and sit in the warmth of his car while the dog ‘played’.

Dog parks are not necessarily evil however I think that there are a lot of people out there who do not understand good play, bad play or how to tell the two apart.

In an effort to help folks know what to look for I plan on releasing a vide from time to time, showing different dog/dog behaviors and commenting on them so that you can keep your dog and other dogs safe when playing off leash at the park or in your back yard. Below is the first installment of Play Bytes!


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