Our goal is to provide all dogs that visit with an environment comfortable safe and secure environment.

We pride ourselves in having the knowledge and experience to offer a number of services that accommodate dogs of all ages, sizes and temperaments.

Our programs are developed by Ayoka Bubar, Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed, with your dogs physical, mental and emotional needs in mind.

Dog Daycare

For dogs six months and older with suitable temperaments.

Tween Camp©

A half day program for dogs between 20 weeks of age and 6 months of age. The goal if this program is to gradually introduce these young dogs to daycare so that when they are 6 months their transition to playing with ‘big dogs’ is smooth – and most of all – positive.

Puppy Adventure Camp©

A half day program – the only one of it’s kind in Brandon – for puppies under 20 week. This program is designed to compliment the socialization you are already going with your puppy by helping him gain confidence with strange people, strange places and strange things.


A day-training program for dogs that aren’t quite ready for traditional daycare. Many of these dogs have had negative experiences with other dogs that have created fear and anxiety issues.

Recovery Care

A service for owners of dogs suffering from non-infectious illness or infirmity. Sometimes you can’t be home with your dog and in many instances we can help.

Day Boarding

A daytime service that provides dogs with a safe space to rest, bathroom breaks and lunch – without direct contact with other dogs.


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